iSolved v6.8.0 New Release

NEW UPDATE for July 17th!

The bulk of the updates being made in this release are maintenance-related due to the COVID-19 situation and resulting legislature. Below are a few HCM highlights that will be available on July 17, 2020.

HCM Updates

  • Managed Enrollment
  • QTB Update for Monthly Limits
  • Add Email Template placeholder for Certification Expiration Date and Certification Type


ESS Notes Updates

The HR functionality for notes has been updated to include one screen to view all employee notes and enter any author for notes. We have also added the ability to attach notes to employee benefit plan records and employment status records and import notes for each category where notes are allowed.

Corrective Actions Updates


The HR functionality for disciplinary actions has been updated to include:

  • Renaming of disciplinary actions to corrective actions
  • Renaming offense to occurrence
  • Table to predefine actions taken



Update Disability Form and Screens to Comply with the New Federal Form


Issue: The DOL released an updated Voluntary Self-Identification of Disability Form. All of the screens and resulting PDF when completed in the system have been updated.


Add Option to cc Client Users for Life Event Emails


Clients want to know that an employee has received an email due to a life event change. iSolved now includes a checkbox field under the Life Events tab on Client Benefit Enrollment setup that will cc any user included in the Client User Group when the employee notification email and employee follow-up email is sent to the employee.