Our NEW isolved release goes live February 19, 2021.


isolved Release 7.2

The following new features and development items are included in the isolved release. This summary will provide you with a basic overview of the changes that will be available.

HR/Benefits Update

Reset Workflow Transactions

Workflow users now have the ability to reset workflow transactions for Employee Update workflows in the Pending Transaction Dashboard.

Link to full documentation: https://learning.myisolved.com/library/articles/2265


State Recognized Option for Non-Binary for Gender

In order to meet compliance with state laws and regulations, we have added the ability for users to select a third gender option of Non-Binary.

Employee Absence Workflow Update

Workflow users can now add comments to Employee Absence workflow transactions when they are approving and denying time off requests.

Time Updates

“View Time Card” Link Added to Scheduler

A “View Time Card” link has been added in the employee menu on the Scheduler which will take the user (with the necessary permissions) to the employee for which the link was clicked, and to the pay period where the Scheduler view was chosen. This feature is only available when the isolved Attendance service is enabled.