I’m over 50 and feeling it! My girls are at college, and I’m already worried about how we’re going to pay for weddings one day. My dogs are whiny and fat. I’m having a strong urge to buy a motorcycle. My gut is growing daily. Almost everything on TV and social media is annoying. Enough!

The Mastley family has decided to have New ME November, and you’re welcome to join us. We’re each making a few lifestyle changes to improve our daily experience, our productivity, our stress levels, our sleep patterns, our health, and fitness, etc. Some of our goals are personal and will not be shared, and some of them will be declared for accountability.

We’re keeping it simple, nothing crazy.   I’m not going to wait until the new year. I want to make things better now. For me, it’s time.

If you’re up for the challenge, what will you do?