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ACA Compliance Protects Your Company and Your Customer Data

Have legal peace of mind on ACA compliance with all your data in one place.

Everything you need for ACA Compliance peace of mind including: On-demand ACA annual forms, easy filing, automatic tracking, and so much more in a single at-a-glance ACA Compliance dashboard.

Variable Hour Tracking

Automatically track variable hour employees, measurement policies, and more!

ACA Filing

All your 1094/1095 easily created and transmitted to proper parties.

Aggregate Ale

Designate aggregate group membership, minimum essential coverage, and minimum value coverage. Capture employee ACA status, benefit eligibility, and offers of coverage.

Override Adjustments

Manually update the indicator codes for employee benefit offerings and coverage on annual ACA forms from the IRS.

ACA Dashboard

Take a look at your ACA eligibility and affordability all in one place.

Draft Forms

Run ACA annual forms on demand for pre-filing verification.


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