Human Resources

Powering organizations to move further faster by simplifying the hire to retire process.

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Single Database

One record rules them all! Say goodbye to complicated interfaces and clunky spreadsheets and hello to a single employee record.

Paperless Onboarding

GIve your new employees the welcome they deserve with custom onboarding and eSignatures.

Time Off Tracking

Configure time off plans and allow employees to easily manage their requests so you can spend less time worrying about time off!

Mobile App

All your HR needs right there at your fingertips! Available for both iOS and Android.

Custom Workflows

Automate all approvals for salary changes, promotions, and more.

Document Portal

Store and manage unlimited company and employee documents all in one place.

Field History & Audit

Easily monitor and audit every change made in the platform.

Role Based Security

Give everyone access to only the information they need by creating customized roles and views for individual staff.

Total Compensation Statements

Give your employees a picture of their total compensation with instant reports and graphs.

Reporting & Analytics

See all your payroll, benefits, HR, time, and ACA data in one place with more than 300 reports and a built in report writer.

Performance Management

Manage performance reviews, training history, and compensation together in one place.

Employee Self-service

Engage employees with easy-to-uses tool.

The Executive Dashboard allows you to gain new insights from your data.

See your employee history at a glance.

Document employee reviews directly through iSolved.

Begin the onboarding process with an easy step-by-step process.

Or choose a custom onboarding template for particular groups.

Document OSHA Incidents and other employee records to ensure your compliance.