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Analyze. Predict. Visualize.

Collect your people data to view metrics and predict future trends with actionable insights to reach business goals and increase retention.

isolved Predictive People Analytics With the power of artificial-intelligence (AI)-based solutions, HR teams can now visualize workforce metrics to better plan for changes in the employment landscape. isolved Predictive People Analytics helps businesses navigate a direct course from flying blind to proactive human capital management—delivering sophisticated employment insights directly to the people who need them most.

isolved | Predictive People Analytics

The constantly evolving workforce has created the need to look more deeply into what motivates employees and keeps them engaged. HR Teams can now anticipate future workforce fluctuations and provide data-based strategic value on employee expectations that have already started to reshape the workplace.


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Better Predict Workforce Needs

isolved Predictive People Analytics provides managers with comprehensive benchmark data to help them source and secure top talent, predict attrition across individuals and groups, and leverage succession planning to close skill gaps—all resulting in improved employee experience and operational alignment with business goals.

Visualize Key Performance Indicators

View employment data and metrics from configurable dashboards with drilldowns to key performance indicators and built-in reports. By analyzing historical trends, overlaying significant events, and enabling predictive modeling, better interpret HR patterns and their business impact while planning for the workforce of the future.

Enable Timely HR Interactions

Give HR resources access to powerful voice navigation with built-in natural language processing so they can quickly locate employment data. Employees can interact with the isolved Conversational Virtual Assistant (CVA) to answer common time keeping, payroll, benefit, and scheduling questions.

isolved | Predictive People Analytics

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Take advantage of these benefits by adding isolved Predictive People Analytics to your HCM Suite!


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View employee data such as commuting distance, average last raise, and average tenure time all within a simplified, graphical view. Compare your employees’ work habits and performance to predict the risk of turnover and future opportunities for development.


Through integration with isolved People Cloud and customized filters, determine which current trends need your immediate attention while predicting future onboarding, retention, and succession planning requirements to ensure alignment with your business goals.


With multiple built-in report types and dashboards, access a simple, consolidated view of relevant data and insights to drive business action. HR and business leaders have all relevant metrics at their fingertips to drive immediate employment decisions and long-term workforce planning.


  • Better visibility and insights to plan people decisions
  • Ability to incorporate HR, Finance, and Benchmarking data sources
  • Centralized metric and analytics dashboards for one-stop action
  • Trending, Insights, and Predictive Modeling for Prescriptive Analytics solutions
  • Easy and more complete understanding of HR and People data
  • Actionable insights and justification from human resources to C-Suite
  • Predictive view into the future of workforce and necessary actions


Schedule a personal 20-minute discovery demo with one of our experts.