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Intelligent Learning. Simplified.

Bring together learning in one Learning Management System (LMS) that is part of your HCM solution.

isolved Learn & Grow The isolved University interface is visually intuitive and makes learning accessible for everyone. Certificates sync to isolved so employees can show off what they’ve learned. Anytime, anywhere.

isolved | Learn & Grow

Empower employees to learn and grow by offering a full performance and learning management system, complete with dozens of courses that offer learners an on-demand and contextually relevant experience.

Short Videos

Includes short videos, gamification, and intuitive navigation for an enjoyable and engaging user experience.

Tailored Training

Improve your employees’ job performance by educating them with learning that is tailored to your organization.

Boost Engagement

Use learning to boost employee engagement and ensure consistency across various departments.

An Intuitive Interface

With a visually intuitive interface, isolved’s LMS makes learning more accessible to everyone on your team. You can also assign courses and paths to employees based on roles and individual needs, or assign a course to an entire team instantly.

For Individuals or Teams

isolved’s LMS allows you to easily upload your own content to the system and provide user-friendly courses across your entire organization. Your employees can add courses and paths to their dashboard with a single click. Set up teams and assign coursework to everyone on a certain team. It’s also easy to create a custom course for a specific team.

Paths, Quizzes & Certifications

Create your own paths, quizzes, and certifications that meet the needs of your organization. Certificates will sync into isolved for an easy view of course progression, and quick knowledge of your team’s status.

isolved | Learn & Grow

isolved gives you the power of an LMS integrated within your employee experience platform. Human Resources professionals, supervisors, and team leaders can create and track online training, as well as assign courses and paths, all personalized for your business and delivered across your entire workforce.

Learning is self-paced, includes engaging gamification elements, and improves employee job performance by educating employees with learning that’s tailored to your organization and goals.

Take advantage of these benefits by adding isolved Learn & Grow to your HCM Suite!


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