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Lori Winters discusses Coronavirus (COVID-19) impact on businesses

Lori Winters


Lori Winters founded Thread over 14 years ago with a desire to change how companies function as a whole. Prior to, and fueling her entrepreneurial endeavor, Lori was Vice President at Choice Accounting, where she found an area that businesses needed fulfilled, and subsequently launched what would become Thread.
Lori is a strategic thinker with a drive to be the best. She generates ideas from things others can’t find a connection between. Lori is always looking to the future and is confident in her abilities and her work.

Matt Mitcham


Matt Mitcham has been with Thread since 2004 and has grown into a strong leader within the organization. After working in sales and marketing, Matt rose through the ranks and was promoted to COO in April 2017, overseeing the operational side of the company.
Matt is a strong communicator who makes connections with everyone he meets. His energy stimulates excellence in his team and his clients. Matt makes things happen by turning thoughts into actions and keeps his core beliefs at the heart of everything he does.

Scott Mastley


Scott joined Thread in 2019 to develop and manage our HR Consulting services. Scott is a double Dawg with undergraduate and MBA degrees from UGA, and he is passionate about simplifying HR to support engagement.

Scott is interested in your challenges and enthusiastic about finding solutions and proactively preventing future issues. His confidence comes from 25 years of hands-on consulting, HR work, and leading HR teams with clients across multiple industries.

Aaron Clark

VP of Sales

Aaron Clark joined Thread in 2021 and hit the ground running from the start. A natural for sales and communication, Aaron is continuing to grow and improve our sales team. More on Aaron coming soon!

Barbara Collins

Director of Marketing

Barbi signed on with Thread in July 2017 as a part-time assistant before growing into her hybrid role by October. Barbi came to Thread with over 10 years of administrative experience and accolades in marketing endeavors.
Barbi is strategic and loves to learn while she works. She is a forward thinker and uses her strategic side to plan for the future. She activates her processes and gets things done, by gathering all the information and making decisions based on her findings.
Taylor Ellis

Taylor Ellis

Director of Culture & Engagement

Taylor joined Thread in 2012 and has been a force to be reckoned with ever since. Responsible for maintaining the day to day flow of our office and our team, Taylor executes at a high level and takes pride in our company and its people.
Taylor is well defined by her strong sense of connectedness, and individualization. She knows there is a reason behind everything and she seeks out ways to make connections between team members to set them up for success with one another. Taylor has strong core morals and is highly intellectual and introspective. She stays incredibly busy and productive in our office.

Christina Fiorenza

HR Advisor

Christina graduated from LSU with a degree in Human Resources, and has worked as an HR consultant for over two decades. Truly passionate about all things HR, Christina believes one of the most important things we can do for the companies we work with is help them develop a healthy, thriving company culture.

Elisa Lahr

Marketing Analyst

Elisa joined Thread in 2019. She graduated from Kennesaw State University with a background in Sales & Marketing. Elisa brings a strong sense of teamwork to Thread and has a history of strength in working with others toward a common goal.
Elisa is a fierce competitor and strives to make not only herself but those around her achieve their maximum potential. Though she thrives working with others and bettering those around her, Elisa displays a strong sense of personal responsibility and pride in her work. Her adaptability to succeed no matter the environment has helped to lift those around her to higher levels.

Christina Blodgett

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Christina started with Thread in 2021. A graduate of Villanova University, Christina is brilliant and brings fun and strength to the team. In the time Christina has been here, she has taken on the responsibility of finding Thread the best possible candidates to join the team, and she's done a great job.

Christina finds deep satisfaction in working with the team to achieve a common goal and is constantly pushing herself and others to strive for excellence. Intrigued by the unique qualities each person possesses, Christina has the ability to figure out how different people can work together productively. She also settles for nothing less than perfection and brings the best out of herself and those around her.

Destiny O'Neill

HR Specialist

Destiny joined Thread in 2022. Destiny brings an impressive depth of HR knowledge to our team, as well as a bright personality! More on Destiny coming soon!

Pamela Swanson

Sr. Instructional Technologist

Pamela joined Thread in 2021. Pamela brings an impressive depth of knowledge to our team, as well as a beautiful singing voice! More on Pamela coming soon!

Clarissa Valesquez

Production Specialist

Clarissa started with Thread in 2022. More on Clarissa coming soon!

Rebekah Depew

HR Specialist

Rebekah started with Thread in 2022. More on Rebekah coming soon!

Tammi Pelt

Tax Manager

Tammi started with Thread in 2020. Tammi brought with her incredible work ethic and a depth of knowledge our clients love and rely on. More on Tammi coming soon!

Celina Concha

Tax Specialist

Celina started with Thread in 2020. Celina brings with her industry experience and artistry skills we had no idea about! More on Celina coming soon.

Payton Sutton

Project Administrator

Payton started with Thread in 2022. Payton graduated from Kennesaw State University and is very excited about her new role as Project Administrator. More on Payton coming soon!

Pamela James

Sr. HCM Manager

Pamela James has been with Thread since 2015 and has excelled in her role as Project Manager for HCM Implementation. With a background in both management and payroll, Pamela has proven to be a valuable asset to our team and works diligently while providing excellent customer service during implementation.
Pamela is a responsible and high-achieving individual, who develops relationships through her recognition and cultivation of potential in others. She comes with a high set of core values and is exceptional at dealing with issues. Through her restorative efforts, she is highly capable of finding the root cause of a problem and its best solution.

Brietta Mills

Implementation Team Lead

Brietta started with Thread in 2020. Brietta came in bringing authenticity to the organization, and is always sharing the latest in cool tech. More on Brietta coming soon!

Shante' K. Ross

Account Manager

Shante onboarded with Thread in 2014 with years of experience in the payroll industry. Highly regarded by our clients as a positive person with excellent customer service skills, Shante puts her best foot forward for our team and our clients day in and day out.
Shante’s personality is what makes her such a special member of our team. From her ability to break the ice with a client and make a connection, to her excellent communication skills, Shante is easy to talk to and knows how to get the message out. Additionally, Shante is always smiling and keeps a positive attitude in all that she does. Through this, she cultivates potential in others and easily adapts to changing situations.

Patrick Boudoucies

Managed Payroll Specialist

Patrick started with Thread in 2021. Patrick brings with him an exciting history of working with people and has been a great addition to the team. More on Patrick coming soon!

Rachel Stackler

Implementation Project Manager

Rachel came on with Thread in 2021. Rachel's deep knowledge of implementation brings a new level of expertise to our team. More on Rachel coming soon!

Amber Hensley

HCM Account Manager

Amber Hensley joined Thread in 2021. She brings with her deep knowledge and a fun personality! We are excited to have her on the team. More about Amber coming soon!

Pradeep Thomas

HCM Account Manager.

Pradeep Thomas joined Thread in 2021. He brings with him a ton of great knowledge and a bright personality! We are excited to have him on the team. More about Pradeep coming soon!

Bridget Brannon

Time and Attendance Specialist

Bridget joined Thread in 2021. Bridget brings a sense of fun to our team and is incredibly insightful. More on Bridget coming soon!

Chanel Anderson

Payroll Specialist

Chanel started with Thread in 2022. Chanel came in bringing reliability to the organization, and is always sharing the latest in cool tech. More on Chanel coming soon!

Brittany Urban

Benefits Specialist

Brittany joined Thread in 2022. More on Brittany coming soon!

Christine Hunte

Implementation Specialist - Payroll

Christine started with Thread in 2022. More on Christine coming soon!

Haley Hutcheson

HCM Sales Consultant

Haley started with Thread in 2017. Coming from a background in sales and marketing of four and a half years, Haley offers a confident style to her sales approach and was a welcome addition to the team.
Haley is first and foremost a learner. She is continuously trying to better herself and strives to be a high achiever. Haley works hard to analyze the needs of our clients and determine if we’re a right fit for them or if there is a better fit for them elsewhere. She is highly focused and is incredible at figuring out what is wrong and resolving it.

Lindsey James

Sales Ops Admin

Lindsey joined Thread in 2019. With degrees in Rhetoric and Sociology from Georgia College & State University, Lindsey brings a strong sense of communication and connectedness to our team.
Lindsey has a thirst for learning and is constantly seeking out ways to improve herself, her team, and our organization. Additionally, Lindsey brings an incredible sense of empathy and inclusiveness to our team, engaging those around her to achieve their goals.

Alycia Casey

HCM Sales Consultant

Alycia started with Thread in 2021. Alycia came to us with proven results and didn't skip a beat when a mattress was brought into the office during her interview. More on Alycia coming soon!

Duncan Brookover

HCM Sales Consultant

Duncan started with Thread in 2021. Duncan resides in Dallas, TX and brings a high-level of execution to the organization. More on Duncan coming soon!

Sarah Rossmann

Senior HCM Sales Consultant

Sarah started with Thread in 2022. Sarah brings great ideas and initiatives to Thread, while bringing simplicity and partnership to our clients. More on Sarah coming soon!

Matt Overstreet

HCM Sales Consultant

Matt started with Thread in 2022. More on Matt coming soon!

Matt Bonds

Solutions Engineer

Matt started with Thread in 2022. More on Matt coming soon!

Winnie Sutton

Office Manager

Winnie started with Thread in 2022. Winnie graduated from Kennesaw State University and is very excited about her new role as Office Manager. More on Winnie coming soon!