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Your Payroll in Harmony with Everything

Full-service payroll and perfectly in sync with all your HR, benefits, and time data.

View and process payroll when you want, where you want and how you want, it’s your data and we make sure it’s available to you 24/7 from our secure data servers. No software to install or updates to make – allowing you to focus on your employees. Built from the ground up in the cloud, iSolved technology is a solution that ensures your payroll is processed efficiently, accurately and easily.

Automated Taxes

It’s almost magic. We file all federal, state, and local taxes on your behalf in all 50 states.

Built For Speed

Preview and process your payroll in a matter of seconds with a program designed from the ground up for speed and efficiency.

Unified HR & Payroll

iSolved automatically keeps payroll, HR, benefits, and time in sync real time

Benefits Auto-Deductions

Keep all benefits deductions up-to-date anytime you run payroll.

Employee Self-Service

Let your employees onboard themselves, see and make changes to their HR and payroll data, and much more.

Detailed Reporting

More than 300 standard reports and a built in report writer makes your data easy to access.

Year-End Reporting

We take care of year-end reporting for you, including W2s, 1099s, ACA forms, and more.

Legal Compliance

We make sure you stay in compliance with the latest local, state, and federal laws.


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