iSolved v6.7.0 New Release

NEW UPDATE for May 29th!

The following new features and development items are included in the iSolved release. This summary is intended to provide you with a basic overview of the changes that will be available on May 29, 2020.

HCM Updates

  • Managed Enrollment
  • QTB Update for Monthly Limits
  • Add Email Template placeholder for Certification Expiration Date and Certification Type

Time Updates

  • Submit Missed Punch
  • iSolved Time Scheduling Update


Managed Enrollment

We have added a new feature to the benefit enrollment module in iSolved, which allows your team members to assign default enrollment assignments to individuals who do not complete enrollment. This feature involves setting up the criteria for open enrollment periods, along with a tool for editing and approving the default transactions.

QTB Update for Monthly Limits

QTB benefits include an IRS-imposed monthly limit, so we have updated the QTB benefit type to set and respect monthly limits for QTB plans. This update includes the benefit type setup, plan setup, and employee enrollment.

Add Email Template placeholder for Certification Expiration Date and Certification Type

We added a Certification Expiration Date placeholder called {Certification Expiration Date} and a Certification Type placeholder called {Certification Type} to the Certifications Email Template type.  This will give your administrators the ability to include Certification Expiration Date and Certification Type in emails to their employees.





Submit Missed Punch

With this new tool in iSolved Time, your employees will now be able to enter and submit their missing punches. The employee’s supervisor or manager will be able to approve the missing punch, which will move it from pending to approved and process the punch in the time card screen.

iSolved Time Scheduling Update

Coverage requests have been configured in the iSolved Time Scheduling module, allowing an employee to submit a shift coverage request to a pool of eligible employees. However, this functionality is not yet available – we will share an update when it becomes available.