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What exactly is managed payroll?

Offload the administrative tasks of payroll.
Let our team of experts save you time and money.

Payroll responsibilities include data input/auditing, balancing, tax remittance, client/administrator questions, garnishment services as needed, and reporting.

How does managed payroll work?

With Thread’s Managed Payroll Services, organizations don’t need to worry about the multitude of variables involved with handling payroll. Clients have access to industry experts who are current with the latest changes in regulations, ensuring the clients’ payrolls are processed timely using the powerful Thread HCM platform.  Want to know more?

Thread’s Implementation

  • Data Import: Import and verify all employee data, prior balances, benefits, time, and more.
  • Set-Up Client Users: We ensure your employees activate their accounts and we assign managers and supervisors.
  • Conduct Training: Get your team up and running with system training you can hand off to us, saving you so much time.
  • Audit: Independent verification of data accuracy, plus payroll comparisons to test earnings, tax, and deductions.

Ongoing Support

  • Administrative: Handle payroll admin duties for clients and update the system with all employee information.
  • Employee Changes: Add new hires and handle terminations and leaves of absence.
  • Manage Deductions: Review tax changes, salary updates, and garnishments before each payroll.
  • Special Payments: Handle all off-cycle payroll runs, such as bonuses, missed payments, etc.

You’re Covered

  • Payroll Schedule: Share payroll calendar and send pay period reminders to managers for approvals and exceptions.
  • Review Rights: We review status changes, payroll summaries, and exceptions and share for review and approval so you stay informed without much time and effort.
  • Reporting: Our system has a large library of reports, and we can create custom reports at your request.
  • Additional Requests: All this and more in a timely fashion! If there’s anything extra you need, we can help!

Client agrees to meet timelines, track and complete time, review and approve pre-payroll summaries, provide timely changes, respond to requests for information, attend training as needed, and enforce deadlines. If you’re setting up integrations, you will be responsible for 401k, HSA and benefit deductions and company matches until the integrations are successfully implemented and automated. 


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The customer service is outstanding. You don't get that much anymore, but Thread's team is amazing. The web platform is fantastic and the Thread team is there any time you need them to help with all things payroll.

Corrine B.Director, Administration

Keep your business, employees, and finances better protected with Managed Payroll by Thread

See What Others Say About It

Great communication - very responsive to my questions and needs. Christen was also very thorough and quickly caught issues on my payroll.

Erica, OwnerEducation

They are extremely knowledgeable and professional. Excellent communicators. They clearly communicated the goals for each session. As a result, the training sessions were phenomenal. The entire process exceeded my expectations, which were very high.

Gerald, CFOWholesale & Distribution

Very thorough, helpful, friendly, keeping the training time within the promised 1 hour. You have been a pleasure to work with and I’ll truly miss working with you! thank you again for everything you have done!

Krystina, HR LeaderHealthcare

Once they get the ball rolling they make sure it keeps rolling and that you get your information set up and ready to go. And once it's ready to go they make sure you know how to run your first payroll.

AnonymousSmall Business

I always felt like I was speaking with a payroll expert. So I felt I could trust their recommendations for setup and configuration. The team is also really good at quick responses.

Lee, PastorChurch


Schedule a personal 20-minute discovery demo with one of our experts.