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New isolved logo

New Look.

New Experience.

New Day for

People-first HR.

Human resources is an always-changing business — because it’s a people-business. You need people-first employee experience platform that will evolve with you — and your employees. Say hello to the new isolved.

isolved People Cloud

The HCM Platform Built for the Future of Work.

The new changes in the way the platform looks and functions are intuitive and adaptive while focusing on creating a positive employee experience and purposeful company cultures.

The Platform Designed With People in Mind.

When an organization’s purpose and culture are the top reasons someone might accept, leave, or stay at a job, employers must provide a positive employee experience and consumer-grade technology at work.
isolved People Cloud is the modern employee experience HCM platform that seamlessly manages the entire HR/employee journey and effortlessly adapts to future-proof organizations.

isolved platform wheel

Thread Is Here To Help You.

While there are changes in the way things look on the outside, this evolution goes beyond surface improvements. To help you get up to speed quickly, we have gathered some easy to use resources.