Today, more than ever, good employees are the lifeblood of successful companies. Traditionally offering a 401(k) as part of your compensation package could have been costly or required additional administrative work to manage. Thread HCM’s partnership with Human Interest makes it possible for small to medium-sized businesses to offer a retirement benefit to their employees.

By starting a 401(k) with Thread HCM and Human Interest you can:

  • Take advantage of SECURE Act tax savings – The small employer plan start-up credit is up to $5,000 per year
  • Streamline operations for future business growth – Thread HCM’s integration with Human Interest reduces the hassle that can come with managing a 401(k)
  • Add business diversification – Offering a 401(k) can benefit business owners by allowing them to decrease tax liability and help with retirement income diversification

With over 30 states working on state-mandated retirement plans, right now is the right time to launch a 401(k). We have exciting offerings for both clients without a 401k, and clients looking to switch providers. Read more on the seven benefits of offering a 401(k) in our whitepaper by downloading below for free!