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Another Seamless Partnership

New Integration! We're really putting the "All" in All-In-One

Your clients are looking for a stress-free and simpler way to streamline their COBRA administration and manage flexible spending plans.

And Thread has you covered.

Thread offers benefits and compliance services that allow employers to focus on growing their businesses. Working with Thread for benefits and compliance services saves time, reduces risk, and provides the most competitive plans.

Thread and Ease have partnered to allow brokers the ability to easily offer and manage a comprehensive set of products that integrate, which will allow for seamless synchronization of data between the two systems.

With the Ease Integration, your clients will experience:

  • Streamlined data synchronization
  • Integration for clients of any size
  • Reduction of paper-based documents
  • Regularly scheduled report files for additions, terminations, and qualifying events

Why partner with Thread?

Learn more about how Thread can help you build a strong compliance foundation.

What else can we do for you? Let us know! Thread’s got you covered!