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Our NEW isolved release goes live
April 5, 2024

Release v10.6 has some exciting new additions! We are working hard to provide the best tools for you and your team. Check out the Feature Release Summary Video available as of April 4, 2024!

In this release:

  • Update to Default Eligible Employees at Clock for NXG/Velocity Clocks
  • Time Clock Firmware Update
  • ESS Personal Updates Experience
  • Add Salary Percent to Workflow


Update to Default Eligible Employees at Clock for NXG/Velocity Clocks

With this release, we are updating to default eligible employees at clock for NXG/Velocity clocks!

We’ve noticed that the existing behavior of isolved when adding a clock has resulted in all employees of a client/legal being associated to the clock, especially if the legal company doesn’t use eligibility rules or manage clocks. This behavior impacts the quantity of employee data loaded to clocks when forcing preloads for identification mode biometric operations.  For large companies, this would result in too much data for clock storage capacities.

This update will lessen the amount of employee data associated with a given clock, as well as providing visual feedback to users on the resulting employee/clock data association. The changes include:

  • When a clock is attached to a company, by default, only employees associated with the clock’s work location will be associated with the clock, and pushed to the on-demand middleware, as well as to third party middleware systems via APIs.
  • Provided a text box on the assigned employee tab of the manage clock screen that displays the number of employee records associated with the clock based on the default settings, as well as any additional employee data that results from selecting additional eligibility rules.
  • Display an informational text message ‘By default, only employees whose work location matches clockwork location will be assigned if no eligibility rules are used. If assigned employees exceed 2000, employees may not be able to use identity mode (use verify mode) as templates will be pushed to clock on an as needed basis).

Time Clock Firmware Update

Product management released Clock Firmware NXG G2+, G7 & LE v9.19.8. This release was made available on March 22, 2024.The following items are included in the NXG Series Firmware update:

  • TFS 262729 (NS 14331): Multi-Legal – getting error 4 while attempting a punch to nondefault company via swipe cards. Addressed logic so all ee punch types work, with or without dke enabled, e.g., bio-verify and identify, mag, prox, and barcode(and dke by itself or a mix, w/bio).
  • TFS 262818 (14337): “Door Only” not working when doing a punch. “Door Only” punches are getting sent to the Time Card when they’re not suppose to. Updated logic to stop door transactions being posted as punches.
  • TFS 264922 (14420): Clocks are getting all legals from the host whether or not the clock is configured for them. If legal company list is greater than 9, only 9 will be selectable. Will not be able to support more than 9 companies at this time.

Adaptive Employee Experience

Employee Self Service Personal Updates Experience

To match functionality from the classic experience for employee personal updates, we’ve updated the Profile and Personal Information pages in the AEE experience to allow for control of the data available to employees to update.

This includes moving the preferred name and pronoun field from the My Profile page to the Personal Updates > General. This is for us to set up the ability to include those fields in workflows that we are working on for a future release.

Scripting note: if the Adaptive Setup screen was set to allow Full Access to the Personal Information screen before, the permissions for all three new screens under Personal will be set at Full Access. The same action will be taken for Read Only access.

Implementation note: if you’re adding Personal Information to the Adaptive Setup, be sure to check the permission for Personal Information as well as any other Personal Information screens that the client would like the employees to have access to.

With the Preferred Name and Pronouns fields moved to the other screen, that leaves only the security options. We’ve streamlined the different authentication settings into one single link that will take the employee to the My Account screen where they can update things such as their mobile phone, passkey settings, etc.


Add Salary Percent to Workflow

We are adding the percentage increase field to the Pending Workflow details for salary updates! The percentage increase field will be a read-only field that shows when editing the pending workflow record as the approver.

If you want to see what else Thread and isolved can do for you, contact our team today!