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Our NEW isolved release goes live
April 7, 2023

Release 9.6 has some exciting new additions! We are working hard to provide the best tools for you and your team.

In this release:

  • Updated Tasks screen in Adaptive Employee Experience (AEE)
  • New Login Process – Reset ESS
  • Login Screen Updates
  • Learn & Grow Updates

Workforce Management

Tasks – New Look in Adaptive Employee Experience

Our 9.6 release brings us the much-anticipated update to the Tasks screen which now has much of the same information as My Dashboard in the classic view! There are three screens: Overview, Reports, and Manage.


The tab displays important information to manage their staff, including who’s in and who’s out, any alerts that need attention, and any transactions that need to be handled such as pending punches, time off requests, and more.


This tab shows different reports about employees’ punching including Alerts, Punch Status, and more.


We see familiar functionality on this tab: it is very close to what is available in the current Tasks tab.


HR & Payroll

New Login Process – Reset ESS Login

You asked, and we have heard your voices! We are thrilled to announce that we are releasing a new feature this week for clients who have migrated to the new login process. As of Friday, April 7, there is a new button on the General screen’s action bar, Reset ESS Login. Clicking this button sends an email to an employee with a temporary security question answer and a link to reset their password. We have added the article Reset ESS Login so you can see what the full process looks like.


Screen Updates

Over the next few months, you’ll see that we are refreshing several screens, moving them to a more modern look using the new grid style that you’ve already seen on screens such as Benefits and Jobs. The overall functionality remains the same but

This is an example of the old version of a screen:

This is an example of the new screen, where you can sort, filter, group, and view all pieces of information:

The updates will begin with this week’s release. This is a listing of the screens that will be updated with this release as of the writing of this newsletter:

  • Employee Self-Service > Awards
  • Employee Self-Service > Company Assets
  • Employee Self-Service > Education
  • Employee Self-Service > Skills
  • Client Management > Benefits > Life Events Setup

Talent Management

Learn & Grow Updates

Learn & Grow just keeps on getting better! With the April 3rd release, there are some new features that you’ve been asking for. A full list of isolved People Heroes University enhancements for v5.6 can be viewed at this link:


9.7 Sneak Peek

We are still working on new items for release 9.7 on April 21st. Please check the next newsletter for details.