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Our NEW isolved release goes live
February 10, 2023

Release 9.2 has some exciting new additions! We are working hard to provide the best tools for you and your team. In this week’s edition, we are reviewing several new features for isolved People Cloud, Adaptive Employee Experience, Applicant Tracking, and Share & Perform!

In this release:

  • Benefit Reconciliation Utility: next steps
  • Employee Jobs: Details Card
  • Adaptive Employee Experience: updated labor selection
  • Tax Updates: Arizona Withholding
  • Applicant Tracking Updates
  • Share & Perform: Warning popups and birthday/anniversary notifications
  • Platform: Updated alerts and confirmations


Benefit Reconciliation Utility

This is the third and final release for the Benefit Reconciliation utility feature. This week we will see some new options on the employee’s Benefits screen where users with full access to the benefits module have the ability to modify the Schedule allocations as well as make adjustments to contributions.

We also have some updates to the Benefit Reconciliation screen! Located at Employee Admin Tools > Employee Utilities > Benefit Reconciliation, this tool has additional functionality to include a mass update of the allocation tables and a way to show the history of the mass updates.


You asked, and we listened! Some clients had given feedback that as of December’s Jobs screen update, it wasn’t as convenient to see key employee job information. On Friday, you’ll see a Job Details card for an employee’s current position by default.

Workforce Management

Labor Updates


isolved has remodeled the Labor Selection Functionality in the Adaptive Employee Experience (AEE) to provide parity and align with the Classic Employee Self Service.  The selection of Labor Groups will function as a filter to populate default Labor fields.  The Labor Group and associated Labor fields will include a dynamic search feature. The display will list the code and the description for the labor item(s).  If an employee has any default labor fields, when the screen loads, the labor fields will display below the labor field box.  The employee will be able to see what the default values are and can make any changes by selecting the override value in the Labor field section.

This update will impact the Speed dial for the Detail Punch and Missing Punch.  For Managers/Supervisors, this will impact the Create New Punch, Create New Hours, and Create New Adjustment. Group Punch will also have the remodeled functionality, but default Labor is excluded due to multiple people being included in the group punch. For Employees this will impact the Add New Punch, Add New Adjustment and Add New Hours.


Arizona Withholding Updates

The state of Arizona updated their alternate calculations on Form A-4 for 2023. As of release on 2/10, only the new options will appear on the drop-down list for those who are making manual selections in isolved.

Note:  If 2023 codes are not selected, the tax calculation will default to 2% as of pay dates of 3/1/2023 and later. Please have all employees who have Arizona withholding taxes fill out a 2023 Form A-4 to ensure the proper tax is withheld.

Talent Acquisition

Applicant Tracking

Our teams have been busy creating new solutions within the ATS to improve your hiring process! The following is a list of all the new features and updates that we have recently released.

Indeed Sponsored Jobs Integration Update – ATS and Indeed Account Connection
Area: Job Listings
You will now see the Indeed applicant estimator feature only if you have connected your ATS user account to your Indeed company account. This connection is done during the Indeed Sponsored Jobs integration process. The applicant estimator feature will only estimate an applicant count if you are connected, so we have made this update to lessen confusion.


Allowing numbers in Job Board Job Title Field
Area: Job Listings
We will once again allow numbers within the Job Board Job Title field on the Job Listings form. We do not recommend using numbers in the job title field. Doing so will limit your job’s visibility on Indeed and other job boards. All pay information should be included in the job ad to avoid hurting your job’s visibility on the job boards.

Text to Apply Job Locations
Area: Text to Apply
In order to help Text to Apply applicants apply to the job best suited for them, the job location is now visible as part of the Job Title. Example, applicant applying to a cashier position in Salt Lake City, UT will see “Cashier (Salt Lake City, UT)” Opt-in at Quick Apply
Area: Text to Apply is one of the top sources for applicants. We now allow applicants to opt-in to receiving email notifications about new job openings at your company when they apply through the Indeed quick-apply process. In doing so, can automatically notify your current talent pool of other job openings within your company as they become available.

eForm Data Now Available in Report Builder
Area: Report Builder
We’ve added eForm data as an option within the Report Builder. You can create custom reports that include data from your eForm fields.

Requisitions – Editing User’s Name Now Visible
Area: Requisitions
When information on a Requisition is changed, the name of the user who changed the information will now show along with the date and time.

Reinitiating Denied Requisitions
Area: Requisitions
Administrators now have the ability to reinitiate a denied Requisition. You can make changes to the denied Requisition and it will go through the approval process again with an email stating the eForm needs to be approved again. A version history will be created for reference.

User Notification upon Applicant Status Change
Area: Applicants
You now have the ability to set-up your application statuses to automatically notify users via email when that status is assigned to an applicant.

Talent Management

Share & Perform

There were some big developments in last week’s Share & Perform release (v9.2)! There are now warnings about the effect of making changes to cycles and templates.

Cycle Pop-up

Assigned Template Pop-up

Also, (drum roll, please!) you can now enable notifications of users’ birthdays and anniversaries! The notifications can be set to go to colleagues, supervisors, etc.

isolved Platform

Alerts and Confirmation Pop-ups

One more little update before we finish the day. We are updating several screens with a new look for our confirmation alerts. These are those messages you get if you leave a screen without saving or if you delete certain records.