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Our NEW isolved release goes live
July 28, 2023

Release 9.14 has some exciting new additions! We are working hard to provide the best tools for you and your team.

In this release:

  • Check Preview in Adaptive Employee Experience
  • Menu Item Change in Adaptive Employee Experience
  • Predictive People Analytics: Org Chart, copy/paste

Adaptive Employee Experience

Check Preview in Adaptive Employee Experience

Employees are now able to see a preview of their current check when they are viewing their Time Card. The Check Preview button is in the upper right-hand corner of the Summary on the Timecard screen in Adaptive Employee Experience.

Menu Item Change

The tile and menu item People Cloud has been changed to Talent Management in Adaptive. We have also moved Benefit Services that was under People Cloud to the Benefits Menu item.

From Adaptive Setup screen, users can decide what they want to show up under their Talent Management tile.

isolved Platform

Predictive People Analytics: Org Chart, Copy/Paste

The Org Chart on Predictive People Analytics has gotten a copy and paste feature. Before users had to screenshot the Org Chart, but now there is a copy button that copies the Org Chart right to the user’s clipboard to be pasted wherever they choose.

The Org Chart has also been made responsive to the size of the user’s computer window. The Org Chart will now automatically change size based on the size of the window it is being viewed in.

Screen Updates

Over the next few months, you will see that we are refreshing several screens, moving them to a more modern look using the new grid style that you have already seen on other newer screens. The overall functionality remains the same with some differences noted below. Employees

This is an example of the previous version of the Prior Employment screen:

This is an example of the new screen, where you can sort, filter, group, and view all pieces of information:

The screens that will be updated with this release:

  • Employee Management > Employee Maintenance > Labor: Updated background programming; no change to appearance of screen.
  • Employee Management > Employee Maintenance > Organizations: Updated background programming; no change to appearance of screen.
  • Reporting > Continuous Reports Archive: Updated grid layout. Click on magnifying glass to see list of reports to view/print.

9.15 Sneak Peek

We are still working on new items for release v9.15 on August 11th. Please check the next newsletter for more information.

Prior Pay Period Modifications

This product was delayed but will now be released with 9.15! Prior pay period modifications or retroactive pay adjustments functionality will allow users with access will be able to “Unlock” timecards and make pay adjustments.

Compensation Dashboard

The Compensation Dashboard is scheduled to be released with the 9.15 product release. The Dashboard will allow users to gain valuable insight into their Compensation data at a glance and will give users a visual representation of their real compensation information.

If you want to see what else Thread and isolved can do for you, contact our team today!