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Our NEW isolved release goes live
January 13, 2023

Release 9.0 – is jam-packed with exciting new additions!
We are working hard to provide the best tools for you and your team.

In this release:

  • Benefit Reconciliation Utility

  • Workforce Management: Time Card Objections

  • Predictive People Analytics December 29th release recap


Benefit Reconciliation Utility

We are excited to bring you the Benefit Reconciliation Utility. The Benefit Reconciliation Utility will be released in three parts. The initial release will focus on the Employee Benefit Reconciliation Utility Tool. This information can be found by navigating to Employee Admin Tools > Employee Analytics > Benefit Reconciliation or can also be accessed from the Employee Benefit screen allocation grid icon. The allocations will display the Scheduled Allocations and the Contribution Allocations for both the EE and the ER allocations. and display any variances.

Allocation Table

Benefit Reconciliation Utility

This release brings visibility to variances for the employee deductions and memos and helps you reconcile your monthly premiums. This can be used in combination with the Benefit Reconciliation Report. Upcoming releases will include further functionality for updating the allocation tables for several employees at once and the ability to set arrears from Benefit Reconciliation. You’re welcome to start exploring this feature now or you can wait until all features are ready – the choice is yours!

Workforce Management

Time Card Objections Added to Verification Rules

We had to push out the release of this feature to make its debut in our 9.0 release. As of this Friday, those who use isolved Time & Attendance can implement Timecard Objection for Employees. When enabled, employees have an opportunity to object to their timecard and must enter comments as to why the information is not correct.

Managers/Supervisors can be notified by Email/AEE to address concerns the employee may have, if employees object to the timecard contents. Managers/Supervisors can update the timecard based on the details of the objection. Once the timecard is changed, the employee will have an opportunity to Verify or Object the timecard again. Managers/Supervisors can Approve an objected timecard and will not affect the objection.

Client Users can add a verification alert of Critical/Warn Me/Ignore to the objection. Both the Verification Export and Verification Audit Export have been updated to include the new Timecard Objection Status.


Predictive People Analytics

We had a release for Predictive People Analytics (PPA) on 12/29 with some new features.

  • Add new dashboard “CHRO” to the list of dashboard templates

  • Conditional Statements in Formula Calculator

Other PPA updates:

  • Change the average age logic for calculating active employees from “During the Timespan” to “End of Timespan”
  • The mailed dashboard is not showing the correct Timespan
  • Update the data source for some charts in the recruiting analysis templates

9.1 Sneak Peek
We are still working on items for release on January 27th. Please check the next newsletter for more details!


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