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Our NEW isolved release goes live
November 18, 2022

Release 8.22 – is jam-packed with exciting new additions!
We are working hard to provide the best tools for you and your team.

In this release:

  • Applicant Tracking Updates
  • 8.23 Sneak Peek

Applicant Tracking

Our teams have been busy creating new solutions within the ATS to improve your hiring process! The following is a list of all of the new features and updates that we have recently released.


New Job Board Favorite Flow

Area: Job Board Favorites

The Job Board Favorites area will be updated to facilitate easier searching for available job boards.

Text to Apply Now Including the Job Location

Area: Text to Apply

In order to help applicants apply to the job best suited for them, we will be making the job location visible to text-apply applicants.

Improved Quick Apply Integration

Area: Job Listings, Job Board Push

We will be adding job questions to our existing quick apply integration to help you get more of the information you need from applicants who apply on


Update to Application Statuses

Area: Settings, Statuses

We are working on an update that allows you to assign your application statuses to a parent status. This will allow you to separate your application statuses from your disposition reasons within the application status setup and allow you to report on them separately in the Report Builder. Both the parent – child status will appear in the application status drop down, making it even easier to see if the applicant has been dispositioned completely. This update will be enabled for all accounts in November.

New Background and Drug Screening Disclaimer field

Area: Job Listings

We will soon be adding a new Background and Drug Screening Disclaimer field to the Job Listing form. This will allow you to add a disclaimer about your background and drug screening policy that can be automatically included with each job ad. We will also be limiting information about your background and drug screening policy to this new field in order to align with job board requirements and ensure the best visibility for your jobs.

Client API Reporting Enhancements

Area: Reporting API

We are adding additional data points to our client reporting API that will help you build deeper reporting within your company’s business intelligence tool of choice.

Requisition ID search capability

Area: Requisitions

You will soon have the ability to search Requisitions IDs in the Requisition Title field.

eForm data available inside report builder

Area: Report Builder

We are adding eForm data as an option within the Report Builder. You will soon be able to create reports that include data from your eForm fields.

Enhancing Requisition Overview Report

Area: Standard Reports

We are adding additional fields within the Requisition Overview Report. You will also be able to print Requisitions and their Job Descriptions from within the report.


isolved- Auto-tag Unhireable Applicants

Area: isolved Onboarding

If an employee is marked as unhireable in isolved HCM, a tag will automatically appear in the ATS that will also show them as unhireable.

Please login and navigate to your landing page’s Quick Links section for a full list of updates in our 8.22 release.


8.23 Sneak Peek

This is a preview of what is scheduled for release on December 2, 2022. More details will be forthcoming closer to the release date.


Jobs Screens

Your jobs screens are about to get a makeover! With the release of version 8.23, our client- and employee- level Jobs screens will have an updated look and feel, with some additional features. Watch for the next newsletter for more information.

Client Jobs Screen

This screen has tabs which allow users to set up the client’s jobs as well as adding Job Groups and (new!) Job Levels.

Employee Jobs Screen

The employee Jobs screen will follow suit with its update.


FUTA Credit Reduction

The FUTA Credit Reduction States and rates were released from the Department of Labor on 11/10/2022. The rates will be included in the isolved 8.23 (December 2, 2022) release and the additional taxes will be calculated on any 2022 payroll that is run after the release.  Below are the states and the applicable rates:

Please watch for further communication; we will send out emails and attach an announcement to the Quick Links when you log in.