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Our NEW isolved offering is available!

NEW Employee Marketplace

We are excited to announce the launch of the isolved Employee Marketplace!! This site will offer perks and discounts for employees and their families through thousands of partners. You will be able to save on clothing, entertainment, cell phone plans, auto insurance, restaurants, and events, & much more! This will enable each of you to discover and save on things to do, see, eat, or buy in your own neighborhood or when you travel.

In addition to receiving discounted prices, some purchasing will also offer cashback that can be accumulated and either redeemed through PayPal or used towards a future purchase! Below are some screenshots to help guide you.

  • Click on Employee Marketplace > Deals & Discounts > Discount Marketplace

  • Create an account using your isolved email

  • Use referral code FVJBOP

  • If you run into any issues, please utilize the “Help” button located in the bottom left-hand corner to contact Benefits Hub directly

The Employee Marketplace will be exclusively available through the Adaptive Employee Experience (AEE) version of PeopleCloud and is being launched initially to all direct environments. If you are not currently using AEE or are unsure how to access it, below are some tips to help you get started.

  • Access the PeopleCloud from the OneLogin screen
  • After logging into the PeopleCloud from the OneLogin page will need to click “Try Our New Look!” button in the top right-hand corner


  • Copy and paste this URL into your web Browser:
    • Google Chrome is recommended to use on Android devices.
    • Safari is recommended for iPhones and Apple devices.
  • Sign in using the same login info. used for your Employee Self-Service Account (ESS).
  • Attached you will find documents that will also help you download AEE on your phone if you would like to do so.

For further guidance on AEE you can utilize the following resources.

Thank you for all that you do, we are excited to have this new benefit available and can’t wait for you all to reap the rewards!!

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