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Our NEW isolved release goes live
January 12, 2024

Release 10.0 has some exciting new additions! We are working hard to provide the best tools for you and your team.

In this release:

  • Benchmark Insights Enhanced Auto Job Matching
  • Share & Perform Notifications Update
  • Symmetry Updates
  • 2024 Release Schedule
  • Screen Updates


Benchmark Insights – Enhanced Auto Job Matching

For those who have Benchmark Insights in Predictive People Analytics (PPA), phase 2 of auto job matching will be released this Friday on v 10.0! This functionality aims to streamline the process of matching jobs against those in the benchmark library using AI technology. The system will be able to benchmark job import in the background nd match your job titles to an exact title and/or any title closest to it.

Phase 1 of this rollout, released on 12/01/23 for v 9.23, automated the matching process of all client positions to top level job titles with a single click.

Phase 2 now includes the ability to match the titles by state and by industry, while also allowing users to edit each matched entry.

Share & Perform

Notifications Update

In the Share & Perform release v10.1 on 01/04/2024, notifications have been updated to utilize the same applications as the Core product. The verbiage of the notifications has not changed, but the email and formatting has been updated to reflect the capability of the new application. The return email address now is going to be the same as the environment it is coming from rather than the ‘’.

Human Resources

Symmetry Updates

With this release, we’ve made updates to several employee withholding forms, including Federal and several State withholding forms. Here is the list of changed forms:

U.S. Form Changes Functionality Corrections and Updates
Federal: Form W-4

Arizona: Form A-4, Form WEC, Form A-4V, Form A-4C

Colorado: Form DR 0004

Connecticut: Form CT-W4

Idaho: Form ID W-4

Iowa: Form IA W-4

Minnesota: Form W-4MN

Mississippi: Form 89-350

Montana: Form MW-4

North Dakota: Form NDW-R, Form NDW-M

South Carolina: Form SC W-4


Federal: Corrected rounding issue on Line 4 of Multiple Jobs Worksheet pdf


Connecticut: Corrected issue with the back button in guided flow


Georgia: Added a calculated amount for line 1 of the worksheet


Hawaii: Form HW-6


2024 Release Schedule

New year, new schedule! We are approaching the release schedule this year a little differently to ensure the quality of releases goes out. What will be different this year will be the timing of Feature and Maintenance releases:

  • Feature items: Go out the first release of the month.
  • Maintenance items: All other releases in the month

Please note: We are not going to have a release on May 31, 2024. This means there will be a three-week gap period between the v10.9 release on May 17 and v10.10 release on June 7, after which the schedule will resume to the 2-week cadence.

Screen Updates

Over the next few months, you will see that we are refreshing several screens, moving them to a more modern look using the new grid style that you have already seen on other newer screens. The overall functionality stays the same with some differences noted below.

This is an example of the new screen, where you can sort, filter, group, and view all pieces of information:

The following Screens have been updated in this release.

Employee Management > Human Resources > Training and Development > Training:

  • Updated grid layout.
  • Added filtering to each column.
  • Added edit button.
  • Added export to excel.

Employee Admin Tools > Employee Utilities > Employee Audit:

  • Updated grid layout.
  • Added filtering to each column.
  • Added column chooser.
  • Added export to excel. 

Employee Management > Employee Pay > Earnings:

  • Updated grid layout.
  • Added filtering to each column.
  • Added edit button.
  • Added column chooser.
  • Added export to excel.

Client Management > Payroll > Third Parties:

  • Updated grid layout.
  • Added filtering to each column.
  • Added edit button.
  • Added export to excel.

If you want to see what else Thread and isolved can do for you, contact our team today!